Committee Information

Committee details for SMUNC XXV will be posted on August 14, 2021. We are excited to offer a broad range of competitive committees including General Assemblies, Specialized Agencies, and Crisis Committees. Detailed information about double and single-delegation committees will be provided when we open committee selection for registered delegates. (To register for SMUNC XXV, click here.) 

To the degree possible, we will accommodate the preference of delegates, as indicated by advisors, when assigning committees. We recommend our General Assemblies for first-time or beginner delegates, our Specialized Agencies for intermediate or advanced delegates, and our Crisis Committees for advanced delegates. For delegates experienced with Model United Nations but new to Crisis procedures, we are excited to offer a committee intended to facilitate that transition. While we encourage advisors and delegates to participate in committees aligned with their experience, it should be noted that SMUNC is a pedagogical conference and we understand that the experience and training of delegates within committees will vary. Our chairs are prepared to support delegates in fully participating in committees, irrespective of their previous experience in Model United Nations, and we will offer pre-conference workshops to familiarize delegates with our rules of procedure and flow of debate. 

The Secretariat is currently determining the breakdown of in-person and virtual committees. We will offer the opportunity to participate virtually and in-person across a range of committees. While we are a hybrid conference, there will be no “hybrid” committees — all delegates will participate in fully virtual or in-person committee sessions.

General Assembly

Information coming soon!

Specialized Committees

Information coming soon!

Crisis Committees

Information coming soon!